MARAZENE producer DieTrich Thrall has launched his follow-up project
BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING! Check out NEW MUSIC and full production
zombie music video(s) below!


UPDATE - 04.22.14: The soundtrack to YOUR zombie apocalypse continues this month with the release of BEAUTY IN THE
SUFFERING's brand new track "REVEILLE" (The Zombie Charge). Check out the Lyric video below then grab a
copy for yourself at BITS BANDCAMP! Kudos to BLOODY DISGUSTING for their WORLD PREMIERE write up!

Looking for physical CDs and merch? Head over to the BITS OFFICIAL STORE for info and availability.

Update: 05.05.13: AT LAST - 2 YEARS in the making - BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING will release their debut single, “THE
CRAZIES” (The Zombie Song) on November 5, 2013. Download “THE CRAZIES” (The Zombie Song) NOW at


BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING is an evolving concept I came up with years ago that best described a sense
of optimism during some bright spots of
 an otherwise massive struggle against overwhelming odds.

Music I have been writing and expressing over the last several years has been uniquely intimate in reflecting
those struggles and I am very
 excited about putting out some fresh ideas that represent the here and now. 

BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING deals with universal themes of love and loss, defeat and resolve,
and struggle and triumph. Everybody has moments where the road looks impossible to pass. But
 somehow, little
by little we manage through our own inner strength and
 the purposeful placement of fate, chance, and karma.
We emerge wiser
 and with a deeper understanding of ourselves and of our place in the world and the
beauty we glean from the suffering we have endured can
 never be denied.

This is a journey I accepted long ago. I wear the scars of my personal triumph over
my struggles with pride and I stand ready to face new

And, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, this is a new beginning. I 
thank you all for standing by my side during some very difficult years 
of active-inactivity. The future is wide open and full of nothing but  payoff.

~DieTrich Thrall 11.18.12


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